“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
Leon C. Megginson

Truth must be certain but in a relative world there is no certainty.

 Yet we create the false certainty of  judgement and breed  conflict.

Absent judgement,  contentment comes.



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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us. “

Opening of Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities

>              Now and Reality
> I do so want to write a sonnet, John
> A sonnet that is true in verse and rhyme.
> A thing I may regard without a qualm;
> To be a truthful statement most sublime.
> But, Truth evades me since Illusion rules.
> My questions trek me down a fruitless path.
> Oh, human man why are we such damn fools?
> In fear we are slaves to infernal wrath.

> Thinking binds me in duality.
> Thought, comparison, judgment becomes me
> And that is not me nor reality
> All effort strands me in an endless sea.
> Let it be, let it be and there is Now.
> Angst is lifted, sweat no more on the brow.

“Habits are dead thing to which we give life”

J. Krishnamurti

Perhaps you think that different kinds of love are possible. Perhaps you think there is a kind of love for this, a kind for that; a way of loving one, another way of loving still another. Love is one. It has no separate parts and no degrees; no kinds nor levels, no divergencies and no distinctions. It is like itself, unchanged throughout. It never alters with a person or a circumstance.

Course in Miracles Lesson 127

These are among the many magical beliefs that come from the conviction you are a body, and the body’s eyes can see. You also believe the body’s brain can think. If you but understood the nature of thought, you could but laugh at this insane idea. It is as if you thought you held the match that lights the sun and gives it all its warmth; or that you had the universe imprisoned in your hand, securely bound until you let it go. Yet this is no more foolish than to believe the body’s eyes can see; the brain can know.

Course in Miracles Lesson 92

Consider: A spiritual view of the news  makes  funny. It is a long running

comedy of  bodies playing the conflict game. It is really hilarious and

boring in it’s repetition.

You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model. That makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller

Give up the quest for advantage and know contentment..

From ancient times all civilizations have had this concept of measurement. All their marvelous buildings were based on mathematical measurement.

Measurement is not only by the rule; measurement exists in the very brain: The passing of examinations from school, college, university- one’s way of living has become a series of calculated measurements:
the beautiful and the ugly, the noble and the ignoble- one’s whole set of values, the arguments that end in conclusions, the power of the people, the power of nations. Measurement has been necessary to man. And the brain, being conditioned to measurement, to comparison; tries to measure the immeasurable- measuring with words which cannot ever be measured… this comparison has brought a great many fears and sorrows.

Krishnamurti:  Krishnamurti to Himself, His Last Journal  1993

We will explore life with this blog. Life was here before my body arrived and will be here when my body is gone. Life exists, continues and animates all. Our bodies come into being; they spend a bit of time here and leave. While here, we share Life. We never own it. We merely borrow Life for a bit.
How we use it is the question. The body is a machine operating in a world we create, by agreement. The body exists in tension between two extremes and is always in a duel with itself. This existence I call dualism.

The “absolute” in dualism is change. Change is constant, so all attempts to stop change are doomed. Yet being spiritual beings, living in duality, we constantly want to experience the known certainty of the absolute. So, in our dualistic confusion we create false “absolutes” as substitutes. For example, all beliefs are false absolutes. A belief is merely a group of opinions which we mistakenly declare to be factual.

This is the stuff of illusion.                                                                                                                 

” If you want to realize the truth, don’t be for or against; the struggle between good and evil is the primal disease of the mind.”


You live by symbols. You have made up names for everything you see. Each one becomes a separate entity, identified by its own name. By this you carve it out of unity. By this you designate its special attributes, and set it off from other things
                                                                                                     Course in Miracles 184

Non-objective judgement pushes us backwards ( the past) and forward ( the future).  TNA offers us balance and the Now.

Although you are one Self, you experience yourself as two; as both good and evil, loving and hating, mind and body. This sense of being split into opposites induces feelings of acute and constant conflict, and leads to frantic attempts to reconcile the contradictory aspects of this self-perception.

Course in Miracles Lesson 96


“The point is not to separate the opposites ( good and evil) and make “positive progress,” but rather to unify and harmonize the opposites, both positive and negative, by discovering a ground which transcends and encompasses them both. And that ground, as we will soon see, is unity consciousness itself.

They said to him: “Shall we then, being children, enter the kingdom? Jesus said to them: When you make the two one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the outer as the inner and the above as the below, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, then you shall enter the kingdom.”



Dualism begins at birth or some might say at conception. But at birth our body is greeted with a slap on the rump ( if they still do this) and we know pain. Regardless we soon learn about the body senses. There is hunger and there is satisfaction. A loud noise causes pain and silence calms us.. Bright lights shut our eyes and soft light is pleasing. Instinctively we adjust to comfort by moving to balance within the plus and minus our sensibilities. This is our introduction to the world of experience.

Experience becomes our teacher and the dualistic principle of good or bad is created. The body becomes a dualistic machine. Pain or discomfort moves us to pleasure automatically. The urge or discomfort of hunger causes us to eat. When we eat beyond satisfaction ( balance) we cause discomfort again. The smell of a jasmine bloom delights but the acrid odor of chlorine repels . On and on we accumulate experiences and from these experiences we create a knowledge base of relative certainty. This I can tolerate, this pleases me, this is good but that is bad. Our senses guide us to acceptable levels of objective judgment. The senses are the objective and the judgment establishes the right or wrong . Yet each individual can vary his or her judgment according to prior conclusions. What is a pleasant taste for Jim might not be for John. Thus even the senses offer relative values.

Thus the body functions in a relative world.  A world void of the absolute.  The absolute is of the spirit.

                 Is it possible to live without taking advantage of another?

                                                         Take No Advantage ?

As we live, we find ourselves trapped in the dualism of right or wrong.

Maybe balance dissolves right and wrong.

In balance judgment ceases and now is.

“Any aspect of dualism in man creates problems. Whether we are talking about good versus evil, or altruism versus selfishness, or cooperation versus competitiveness, or cowardice versus courage, we must recognize that these very opposites represent the life force. But it is also part of man’s uniqueness that he is endowed with the faculty of choice.”

Norman Cousins’s The Celebration of Life

Beauty and Ugly

 Can one exist without the other?  

Comparison is a function of dualism.

A declaration of beauty validates ugly.

“You see, one thing is, I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing. I think it’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of uncertainty about different things, but I am not absolutely sure of anything and there are many things I don’t know anything about, such as whether it means anything to ask why we’re here… I don’t have to know an answer. I don’t feel frightened not knowing things, by being lost in a mysterious universe without any purpose, which is the way it really is as far as I can tell. It doesn’t frighten me.”
Richard P. Feynman

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