From ancient times all civilizations have had this concept of measurement. All their marvelous buildings were based on mathematical measurement.

Measurement is not only by the rule; measurement exists in the very brain: The passing of examinations from school, college, university- one’s way of living has become a series of calculated measurements:
the beautiful and the ugly, the noble and the ignoble- one’s whole set of values, the arguments that end in conclusions, the power of the people, the power of nations. Measurement has been necessary to man. And the brain, being conditioned to measurement, to comparison; tries to measure the immeasurable- measuring with words which cannot ever be measured… this comparison has brought a great many fears and sorrows.

Krishnamurti:  Krishnamurti to Himself, His Last Journal  1993

  2 Responses to “Krishnamurti on Measurement and the Unmeasurable”

  1. That which is infinite defies measurement… and to grasp that which is immortal is the desire of the ages. To be mortal breeds obsessive measurement and in such, that which is beyond measure is hidden. Division will never reveal such beauty. In finding the ability accept the whole, grace will lift the veil.

    To be ‘one’ is to be a thread, twined upon another thread, twisting and turning into the fabric of the cosmos. If I am even the smallest part of this, then am I not the sum of the whole?

    Lift your eyes upon the heavens and know what you are made… At that moment all fears shall cease.

    These are my first thoughts on the subject of measurement and men.

  2. Other thoughts:

    One could add further that a need to measure ignited the spark of human intelligence. When considering the iconic monuments built by man, which ones are not based on the need to measure something…time, the movement of the stars and planets, the seasons. With a mass dissemination of information we are allowed to navigate our relationship to the rest of the known world, is this not also a form of measurement?

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