We will explore life with this blog. Life was here before my body arrived and will be here when my body is gone. Life exists, continues and animates all. Our bodies come into being; they spend a bit of time here and leave. While here, we share Life. We never own it. We merely borrow Life for a bit.
How we use it is the question. The body is a machine operating in a world we create, by agreement. The body exists in tension between two extremes and is always in a duel with itself. This existence I call dualism.

The “absolute” in dualism is change. Change is constant, so all attempts to stop change are doomed. Yet being spiritual beings, living in duality, we constantly want to experience the known certainty of the absolute. So, in our dualistic confusion we create false “absolutes” as substitutes. For example, all beliefs are false absolutes. A belief is merely a group of opinions which we mistakenly declare to be factual.

This is the stuff of illusion.                                                                                                                 

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  1. I think dualism is connected to paradox. It’s like the little snap of the wrist, the spin, the creator gave when this was all put into motion. It’s the beautiful color even when it often seems to be the problem at first glance. BTW, nice blog!

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