Dualism begins at birth or some might say at conception. But at birth our body is greeted with a slap on the rump ( if they still do this) and we know pain. Regardless we soon learn about the body senses. There is hunger and there is satisfaction. A loud noise causes pain and silence calms us.. Bright lights shut our eyes and soft light is pleasing. Instinctively we adjust to comfort by moving to balance within the plus and minus our sensibilities. This is our introduction to the world of experience.

Experience becomes our teacher and the dualistic principle of good or bad is created. The body becomes a dualistic machine. Pain or discomfort moves us to pleasure automatically. The urge or discomfort of hunger causes us to eat. When we eat beyond satisfaction ( balance) we cause discomfort again. The smell of a jasmine bloom delights but the acrid odor of chlorine repels . On and on we accumulate experiences and from these experiences we create a knowledge base of relative certainty. This I can tolerate, this pleases me, this is good but that is bad. Our senses guide us to acceptable levels of objective judgment. The senses are the objective and the judgment establishes the right or wrong . Yet each individual can vary his or her judgment according to prior conclusions. What is a pleasant taste for Jim might not be for John. Thus even the senses offer relative values.

Thus the body functions in a relative world.  A world void of the absolute.  The absolute is of the spirit.

As we live, we find ourselves trapped in the dualism of right or wrong.

Maybe balance dissolves right and wrong.

In balance judgment ceases and now is.

“Any aspect of dualism in man creates problems. Whether we are talking about good versus evil, or altruism versus selfishness, or cooperation versus competitiveness, or cowardice versus courage, we must recognize that these very opposites represent the life force. But it is also part of man’s uniqueness that he is endowed with the faculty of choice.”

Norman Cousins’s The Celebration of Life

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